Action Counters Terrorism Video 04/10/2017 12:01:15

Rob Stevens (Police, PC1368, Wellingborough)

Atrocities in London and Manchester have sadly resulted in some of the youngest victims of terror this country has ever seen, and if we are able to teach children to act in a way which could potentially save their lives – then it is our responsibility to do so.

TV star Bear Grylls and England footballer Jamie Vardy are among the leading stars supporting the first phase of a new initiative designed to teach 11-16 year olds how to react in the unlikely event they are caught in a gun or knife terror attack.

Counter Terrorism Policing have enlisted the support of The Sun newspaper and celebrities from entertainment and sport to launch their first-ever safety campaign aimed at children and teenagers.

Children will be taught what to do if caught in a weapons or knife terror attack:

RUN if they are able to, HIDE if they are not, and TELL police of the threat only when it is safe to do so.

They will also be advised to warn others about an on-going threat, and crucially told NOT to stop and use their phones until they are safely away from danger.

NSPCC’s Advice for parents:…

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